Trigger Lock for Makita 5007

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Compatibility with a Diverse Range of Saw Motors

The advanced trigger lock mechanism is designed for compatibility with a wide array of Saw Trax saw motors. This includes the Makita 5007 model, which is prominently featured in both the 1000 and Sign Maker series. Furthermore, this trigger lock may be suitable for the discontinued Milwaukee 6470, as well as the contemporary Makita 10" model incorporated into the 3000 series.

Legacy Support for Early 2000s Porter Cable Motors

In addition to its compatibility with newer and current models, this trigger lock mechanism also functions effectively with the discontinued Porter Cable motor utilized by Saw Trax in the early 21st century. This highlights the adaptability and longevity of the advanced trigger lock's design, ensuring that it remains a relevant and valuable accessory for a broad range of power tools.

Adjustability for Optimal Fit Across Various Models

The advanced trigger lock has been engineered to accommodate slight variations in saw motor designs. As a result, users may need to delicately bend the trigger lock either inward or outward in order to achieve an ideal fit for their specific model. This flexibility allows for the customization of the trigger lock mechanism to suit individual preferences and requirements, ensuring a secure and reliable connection with the saw motor.