Saw Trax Reaching Pull Pole End HD

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Durable and Versatile Pull Pole End

The Saw Trax Robust Extension Pull Pole End HD is made from fiberglass-reinforced ABS plastic, ensuring durability and resilience. This innovative tool converts any threaded pole into a versatile reaching apparatus, extending the user's reach for various tasks.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Reach:

    • Effortlessly attaches to most commercially available poles, transforming them into functional reaching tools.
  • Domestic and Retail Use:

    • Ideal for retrieving items from pickup truck beds, hanging decorations, and accessing high shelves at home.
    • In retail, it assists with product fronting, display unit refilling, and peg hook removal, simplifying planogram resets.

Heavy-Duty Design:

  • Improved Functionality:
    • Features a "Duck Foot" design to prevent box punctures, ensuring product and packaging safety.

Versatile Applications:

  • Retrieve items from truck beds
  • Perform merchandising tasks
  • Suspend plants or wiring
  • Access items on high shelves
  • Prevent box punctures with its widened design

The Saw Trax Robust Extension Pull Pole End HD is a must-have tool for both domestic and retail environments, offering enhanced durability and versatile functionality to meet diverse needs.

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