Varsity Series Compact Vertical Panel Saw

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Multifaceted Cutting Capabilities

The Saw Trax Compact Varsity Series panel saw is an extraordinary device, boasting a 60-inch wide frame that adeptly facilitates both vertical and horizontal incisions in various materials. Vertical cut heights are available in 52" and 64" variants. This series is accompanied by an accessory package that is highly recommended for those engaged in general woodworking tasks.

Space Optimization and On-Site Adaptability

The Compact models possess a unique aptitude for addressing spatial constraints within workshops or seamlessly integrating into various job sites. They are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of clientele who necessitate a vertical panel saw for executing precise cuts in sheet goods with a thickness of less than 1 ¾ inches.

Standard Inclusions and Sophisticated Design

The Saw Trax Varsity Series vertical panel saws encompass a multitude of standard features that elevate their utility and efficiency. A Makita 5007F circular saw is affixed to a spinning saw insert, enabling expeditious transitions between vertical and horizontal cutting. Additionally, this apparatus is designed with optimal dust collection hook-up capabilities.

Stability and Mobility

The folding stand is ingeniously devised to resemble the simplicity of a ladder's open and close mechanism, yet it retains complete stability during operation. To further enhance portability and mobility, transport wheels are integrated into the design.

Precision and Repetitive Cuts

Both the vertical and horizontal measuring systems incorporated in the Varsity Series panel saw ensure impeccably accurate cuts. The stop bar augments the device's functionality by providing the ability to execute repetitive cuts with ease. Full Size models are also available as an alternative option.

Comprehensive Package Inclusions:

  • Compact 60" Wide Frame
  • Makita 5007F 7.25" saw
  • Spinning saw insert plate
  • Dust hood, hose, brush
  • Folding Stand and Wheels
  • Dual Rip Gauge
  • Stop, Bar and Tapes
  • Patented Accu-Square System
  • Sealed Steel Bearings