Industrial 2000 Series Full Size Vertical Panel Saw

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Substantial Frame Width and Versatile Cutting Dimensions

The Industrial 2000 Series Comprehensive Vertical Panel Saw boasts an expansive 120-inch wide frame, which facilitates the seamless execution of both vertical and horizontal cuts in various materials. The vertical cutting capacity of this model encompasses three distinct heights, namely 52", 64", and 76". Designed for high-volume production environments, this saw is particularly well-suited for users who frequently process large quantities of sheet goods (upwards of 50 sheets per week) with a maximum thickness of 1 3/4 inches.

Robust Saw Mechanism and Rapid Orientation Shift

One of the defining characteristics of the 2000 series vertical panel saw is its incorporation of a heavy-duty Hypoid Drive saw, mounted on a rotating insert plate. This innovative design allows users to swiftly transition between vertical and horizontal cutting orientations. Moreover, the saw is engineered to withstand prolonged periods of operation and features optimal dust collection mechanisms to ensure a clean and efficient work environment.

Stability, Portability, and Infinite Rip Cut Potential

The folding stand included with the 2000 series vertical panel saw has been meticulously crafted to offer exceptional stability during operation, and its ease of opening and closing enhances the overall user experience. Furthermore, transport wheels have been integrated into the design to enable effortless portability and mobility. The frame size of this model allows for an unlimited rip cut capability, expanding the range of applications for which it is suitable.

Comprehensive Accessory Package

The Industrial 2000 Series Comprehensive Vertical Panel Saw comes with an extensive accessory package, specifically tailored to meet the needs of most production companies. This package encompasses:

  1. Full Size 120" Wide Frame
  2. Makita Hypoid Drive 7.25" saw
  3. Rotating saw insert plate
  4. Dust hood, 12 ft hose, and brush
  5. Folding Stand and Wheels
  6. Steel-covered material rollers
  7. Dual Rip Gauge
  8. Stop, Bar, and Tapes
  9. Patented Accu-Square System
  10. Sealed Steel Bearings

The inclusion of these accessories ensures that the Industrial 2000 Series Comprehensive Vertical Panel Saw is equipped to deliver high-quality performance and reliability, even under demanding production conditions.

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