Rush Fee

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  • $ 400

Substantially Accelerated Order Processing and Dispatch

The Expedited Production Fee for Panel Saw Build is an exclusive offering that enables clients to prioritize their orders, ensuring rapid processing and shipping within a remarkably reduced timeframe. By availing this service, customers can guarantee that their order is expedited and positioned at the forefront of the production queue.

Swift Order Fulfillment and Shipping

When employing this premium service, clients can be confident that their Panel Saw Build orders will be prepared and dispatched within an impressive three business day window. It is essential to note, however, that this accelerated timeline does not take into consideration the day on which the order is placed, should it be submitted post 10 AM Eastern Standard Time. In such cases, the subsequent day is regarded as the first day of the expedited processing period.

This exceptional service allows clients to capitalize on the convenience of receiving their Panel Saw Build orders in an expeditious manner, enhancing both their operational efficiency and overall satisfaction with the product.