7.25" 60 Advanced Polymer Plastics Processing Circular Saw Blade

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Optimal Substrates for Cutting

The Advanced Polymer Processing Circular Saw Blade is meticulously engineered to provide clean and precise cuts, specifically for plastic materials such as Sintra, Lexan, and Styrene. This highly specialized blade also demonstrates impressive compatibility with metals including aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, as well as plywood and other timber substrates.

Technical Specifications

Teeth Quantity: 60 The blade is furnished with 60 evenly distributed teeth that facilitate smooth, clean, and melt-free cuts on the majority of plastic substrates.

Blade Diameter: 7¼ inches A diameter of 7¼ inches ensures optimal performance, balance, and precision during cutting operations.

Grind Type: ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) The blade features an ATB grind configuration which alternates the bevel angle of each tooth, resulting in reduced tear-out and improved cutting efficiency.

Kerf Width: 0.079 inches A kerf width of 0.079 inches allows for minimal material loss, generating less waste and maximizing the utility of the substrate being processed.

Rake Angle: 5 degrees The blade possesses a rake angle of 5 degrees, which aids in achieving precise and controlled cuts, thereby reducing the risk of chipping or splintering.

Arbor Hole Specifications: 5/8 inches KO (Knockout) The blade is designed with a 5/8-inch knockout arbor hole that ensures compatibility with a wide range of circular saws and cutting equipment.

Applicable Substrates: Hard and Soft Plastics This blade has been specifically designed to process both hard and soft plastic materials, demonstrating exceptional cutting performance across a diverse array of substrates.

Resharpening Capability: Yes The Advanced Polymer Processing Circular Saw Blade is crafted from high-quality materials that allow for resharpening, prolonging the blade's overall lifespan and ensuring consistent cutting performance.

The Advanced Polymer Processing Circular Saw Blade is a highly specialized cutting tool, specifically designed for clean, precise, and melt-free cuts on various plastic substrates. With an impressive compatibility with metals, plywood, and other timber materials, this blade is an invaluable asset for professionals and enthusiasts seeking exceptional cutting performance and versatility.