Cabinet Makers 1000 Series Full Size Vertical Panel Saw

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Panel Saw Dimensions and Cutting Capabilities

The Cabinet Crafters 1000 Series Comprehensive Vertical Panel Saw, with its expansive 120-inch wide frame, has been meticulously engineered to facilitate both vertical and horizontal incisions in various materials. It offers an assortment of vertical cut heights, including 52", 64", 76", 88", and 100", thereby rendering it highly suitable for customers necessitating a vertical panel saw that can achieve precise cuts in sheet goods measuring less than 1 ¾ inches in thickness.

Enhanced Accessory Package for Woodworking Enthusiasts

This 1000 series vertical panel saw has been specifically designed to cater to the requirements of most general woodworking aficionados. The accessory package provided with the series encompasses a range of essential tools and components that augment the overall efficacy and ease of use of the panel saw.

Superior Standard Features for Seamless Operations

The Saw Trax 1000 series vertical panel saws boast an array of exceptional standard features, such as a Makita 5007F circular saw integrated on a spinning saw insert, which expedites the transition from vertical to horizontal cutting. Furthermore, the panel saw is equipped with an unparalleled dust collection system, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

The folding stand has been ergonomically designed for ease of opening and closing, resembling the simplicity of a ladder, while simultaneously providing unwavering stability during operation. To enhance portability and mobility, transport wheels have been incorporated into the design. The 1000 series panel saw is furnished with both vertical and horizontal measuring systems that guarantee accurate cuts. Moreover, the inclusion of a stop bar enables users to execute repetitive cuts with remarkable consistency.

Comprehensive Package Inclusions The Cabinet Crafters 1000 Series Comprehensive Vertical Panel Saw package comprises the following components:

  • Full Size 120" Wide Frame
  • Makita 5007F 7.25" saw
  • Spinning saw insert plate
  • Dust hood, hose, brush
  • Folding Stand and Wheels
  • Dual Rip Gauge
  • Stop, Bar and Tapes
  • Patented Accu-Square System
  • Sealed Steel Bearings

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