Signmaker Series Compact Vertical Panel Saw

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Innovative Integration of Cutting Technologies for Sign Materials

Sign-making establishments have historically dealt with a diverse array of materials, which include but are not limited to aluminum composites, corrugated plastics, foam boards, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials, and wood. As a consequence, these enterprises have been compelled to employ various machines tailored to the unique cutting requirements of each material. With the advent of the Sign Maker's Series, however, the necessity for multiple cutting devices has been rendered obsolete. The Compact models have been specifically designed to accommodate limited workshop spaces or to facilitate transport to job sites, and are available in two distinct vertical cutting heights, namely 52" and 64".

Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc. has ingeniously integrated a panel saw and a mat-cutter into a single, versatile device: the Sign Maker Saw and Cutter. This innovative substrate cutter is replete with an extensive array of standard features, such as a Makita 5007F circular saw mounted on a spinning insert, dust collection apparatus, folding stand, transport wheels, Pivoting Knife cutter insert, and others. The substrate cutter has been meticulously engineered to effectuate precise cuts in sheet materials with thicknesses not exceeding 1¾ inches. Full Size Models are also available to cater to diverse cutting demands.

Comprehensive Package Overview

The Petite Vertical Panel Saw package offers the following components to ensure an unparalleled cutting experience:

Compact 60" Wide Frame

The compact frame, measuring 60 inches in width, ensures that the panel saw can be conveniently accommodated in space-constrained workshops or transported to various job sites with ease.

Makita 5007F 7.25" Saw

The inclusion of the Makita 5007F 7.25" circular saw guarantees a powerful and reliable cutting performance across various materials.

Spinning Saw Insert Plate

The spinning saw insert plate allows for quick and seamless transition between different cutting angles, thereby enhancing the versatility of the panel saw.

Dust Management System

The package comes with a dust hood, hose, and brush, facilitating efficient dust collection and providing a cleaner, safer working environment.

Folding Stand and Wheels

The folding stand and wheels enable effortless maneuverability and storage, making the panel saw a practical and mobile solution for various cutting requirements.

Dual Rip Gauge

The dual rip gauge ensures precise and consistent measurements, thereby enhancing the accuracy and quality of the cuts.

Stop, Bar, and Tapes

These supplementary components provide additional guidance for making precise cuts, and further augment the overall cutting experience.

Spring Hold Down

The spring hold down mechanism ensures that the material remains securely in place during the cutting process, promoting safety and precision.

Pivoting Knife Cutter

The Pivoting Knife Cutter insert is specifically designed for making intricate cuts in softer materials such as foam boards and corrugated plastics.

Patented Accu-Square System

The patented Accu-Square System guarantees that the panel saw remains consistently square, ensuring precise cuts throughout its lifespan.

Sealed Steel Bearings

The incorporation of sealed steel bearings contributes to the panel saw's durability and longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing overall performance.