Saw Trax Precision Knife Cutter

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Pivoting Knife Cutter Plate Functionality

The Saw Trax Precision Knife Cutter is meticulously designed to provide exceptional cutting and scoring capabilities for a wide array of materials, including Sintra, Expanded PVC, Coroplast, Gator Foam, Cardboard, and Foam Board. The versatility of this tool allows it to perform both RIP and cross-cutting techniques with remarkable ease and precision.

Innovative OLFA® Knife Integration

The incorporation of the renowned OLFA® Knife into the Saw Trax Precision Knife Cutter provides the user with superior cutting performance. The OLFA® Knife's "snap to sharpen" blade system allows for an ever-sharp blade that ensures consistent, high-quality cuts throughout the duration of a project.

Effortless Transition from Circular Saw to Knife Insert

A salient feature of the Saw Trax Precision Knife Cutter is the ability to switch from a circular saw to a knife insert within a matter of seconds. This rapid transition facilitates seamless workflow, enabling the user to focus on the intricacies of their craft without the hindrance of time-consuming tool changes.

Compatibility Considerations

It is crucial to note that the Saw Trax Precision Knife Cutter is not compatible with the 3000 series. Users must ensure that their equipment aligns with the specifications of the Saw Trax Precision Knife Cutter to avoid potential damage to the tool or the material being worked on. By taking into account compatibility constraints, users can optimize their experience with this highly specialized and versatile cutting instrument.