Mid Fence for Panel Saw (Intermediate Barrier)

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Optimal Cutting Elevation for Smaller Components

The Intermediate Barrier has established itself as the predominant accessory for users of both Full Size and Compact Panel Saws. This state-of-the-art attachment enables the processing of diminutive pieces at waist level, fostering enhanced ergonomic conditions and mitigating the physical strain commonly associated with continuous cutting activities.

Robust Construction and Aesthetic Appeal

Crafted meticulously from high-grade steel, the Intermediate Barrier boasts resilience and durability. Its surface is further embellished with a powder-coated finish, rendering it impervious to corrosion and prolonging its service life. This fusion of structural integrity and aesthetic elegance ensures that the Intermediate Barrier remains a valuable and enduring addition to your panel saw.

Removable Shelf for Unencumbered Sheet Processing

To accommodate the processing of full-size sheets, the Intermediate Barrier is ingeniously designed with a removable shelf feature. The ease of detachment allows users to swiftly transition between tasks, optimizing workflow and productivity in various cutting applications.

Fully Adjustable and Comprehensive Package

The Intermediate Barrier's adaptability is showcased by its fully adjustable nature, tailored to suit the unique requirements of each user. Sold as an all-encompassing pair, the package includes both the left and right side components. These components introduce a 28-inch detachable shelf to each flank of the panel saw, providing substantial material support at waist height and ensuring a seamless cutting experience.

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