Large Builders Extensions (56") Standard Pair

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Extend Your Panel Saw's Capabilities: 56" Roller Extensions

The Expansive Construction Appendages (56") - Conventional Duo add 56 inches to your panel saw's material rollers, enhancing cutting efficiency. Compatible with most compact and full-sized panel saws without steel sleeves, these extensions are easy to install with a simple bolt-on method.

Key Features:

  • Extended Reach:

    • Adds 56 inches to the material rollers, improving handling and cutting accuracy.
  • Easy Installation:

    • Simple bolt-on process ensures quick setup and minimal downtime.

Compatibility Notes:

  • Not suitable for 2000 or 3000 series panel saws or those with steel-sleeved rollers. Use part BLXTSS-LG for these models.

Enhance your panel saw with the Expansive Construction Appendages (56") - Conventional Duo to increase productivity and optimize your cutting tasks.