Floating Router Plate for Saw Trax Panel Saw

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Compatibility with Saw Trax Panel Saws

The Floating Router Insert has been meticulously designed to provide impeccable compatibility with any contemporary model of Saw Trax brand Panel Saws. This harmonious integration ensures users can fully capitalize on the advantages of this cutting-edge tool.

Floating Platform: Exceptional Dado Uniformity

Employing a groundbreaking floating platform, this router plate enables the creation of uniform dados even when confronted with bowed or twisted material. The ingenuity of the floating mechanism allows the router to meticulously follow the contours of the sheet, thereby delivering consistent dado outcomes irrespective of the material's imperfections.

Versatility in Applications: ACM Panel V-Grooving

The Floating Router Plate is particularly adept at V-grooving Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels, thereby empowering users to craft their own dimensional displays and architectural elements. This versatility affirms the plate's utility across a myriad of applications, making it an indispensable asset in any workshop.

Universal Design: Accommodating Most Router Motors

Engineered with a universal design, the Floating Router Plate caters to a wide range of router motors, ensuring adaptability and ease of use for the end-user. While the Porter Cable 892 router is recommended for optimal performance, the plate's compatibility with diverse motor types speaks to its inherent flexibility.

Important Considerations: Router Exclusion

It is essential to note that the router itself is not included in the package. Users are required to procure a suitable router separately to capitalize on the full potential of this innovative Floating Router Plate.

In essence, the Innovative Floating Router Plate for Saw Trax Panel Saw is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance precision and versatility in woodworking applications. With its compatibility with various Saw Trax Panel Saws, floating platform technology, V-grooving capabilities, and universal design, this router plate provides an unparalleled woodworking experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike.