Aluminum Composite Material Cutting Insert

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Revolutionize Your Cutting: Dustless Precision with ACM Cutting Insert

The Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Cutting Insert offers a cutting-edge, dustless system designed for a cleaner workspace and enhanced cutting precision.

Key Features:

  • Dust-Free Cutting

    • Reduces dust production, maintaining a clean environment and improving efficiency.
  • Exclusive for 3 Mil ACM Materials

    • Engineered for precise cuts on materials like Dibond, Polymetal, e-panel, and Maxmetal, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Dual Circular Cutter Mechanism

    • Utilizes two opposing circular cutters for clean, precise cuts by pinching and separating the material.
  • Rounded Cuts for Safety

    • Produces rounded edges to prevent injuries and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.
  • Vertical Cutting Orientation

    • Designed specifically for vertical cuts, ensuring precise and optimal performance.

Upgrade your cutting process with the ACM Cutting Insert for dust-free, precise, and safe cutting of 3 mil ACM materials.