Saw Trax Reaching Pull Pole End

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        Constructed of fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic this handy Saw Trax Pull Pole End turns a threaded pole in to a reaching stick. Easily screws right on to most of the commercially available poles giving you an extra hand with all kinds of jobs. Common home uses include fishing items from the bed of a pick up truck, hanging plants or decretory lights, and removing items from upper shelves. Retail locations love them for merchandising including fronting products, back filling of units and peg hook removal. They make Planogram resets easier!
            All you have to do is screw our product on to any paint pole and you can get assistance doing any of the following, such as:
          - Pulling items in bed of pick up trucks
          - Pulling product for merchandising
          - Hanging plants or wire
          - Pulling items from back of shelves
          - Reaching objects high up

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