Signmaker Series Full Size Vertical Panel Saw

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Materials Commonly Utilized in Sign Shops

In the realm of sign creation, myriad materials are employed to fabricate diverse and compelling signs. These materials extend beyond mere wood, encompassing aluminum composites, corrugated plastics, foam boards, PVC materials, and more. In the past, sign shops were burdened with the necessity of procuring multiple machines, each tailored for the cutting of specific materials. The Sign Maker's Series has revolutionized this process, offering a single, versatile machine capable of accommodating all cutting requirements.

Selecting the Appropriate Vertical Cut Height

The Full Size models within the Sign Maker's Series provide users with an array of five distinct vertical cut height options, including 52", 64", 76", 88", and 100". This flexibility enables sign shop professionals to choose the precise height that best aligns with their specific needs and preferences.

Integrating Saw and Cutter Functions: A Unified Cutting Solution

The Sign Maker Saw and Cutter, developed by Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc., offers a comprehensive solution for sign shops by incorporating both panel saw and mat-cutter functionalities within a single machine. This remarkable amalgamation of tools allows for the precise cutting of sheet goods with a thickness of less than 1¾ inches, catering to a multitude of materials used in sign creation.

Standard Features of the Sign Maker Saw and Cutter

  1. Makita 5007F Circular Saw on a Spinning Insert This feature ensures accuracy and ease of operation during cutting processes.

  2. Dust Collection Mechanism The dust hood, hose, and brush work in tandem to maintain a clean and safe working environment.

  3. Folding Stand and Transport Wheels These elements provide portability and convenience for users, facilitating easy movement and storage.

  4. Pivoting Knife Cutter Insert This component enables precision cutting and versatility in handling various materials.

Additional Components Included in the Package

  1. Full Size 120" Wide Frame This expansive frame accommodates a wide range of materials, providing ample space for cutting operations.

  2. Dual Rip Gauge This feature ensures precision in measuring and cutting, resulting in consistent and accurate cuts.

  3. Stop, Bar, and Tapes These components work collaboratively to provide precise measurements and alignments for cutting operations.

  4. Spring Hold Down This element secures materials during cutting processes, promoting safety and accuracy.

  5. Patented Accu-Square System This innovative system guarantees the accurate alignment of materials, contributing to the overall precision of cuts.

  6. Sealed Steel Bearings These bearings provide durability and longevity to the machine, ensuring consistent and smooth operation.

Compact Models Availability

In addition to the Full Size models, the Sign Maker's Series also includes Compact Models, catering to diverse spatial requirements and preferences. This range of models further emphasizes the versatility and adaptability of the Sign Maker's Series, ensuring a comprehensive cutting solution for all sign shop professionals.

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