yel-Low Safety Dolly

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Can you afford to pay 4 men to do a one man job?

 I man can remove 2 mattresses from a hotel room in 90 seconds with the yel-Low Safety Dolly. 

It is easier because it is lower than a normal floor dolly.  One man tilts to load and uses posts to maneuver dolly under item instead of two men lifting item onto dolly. 

It is faster because you can make less trips by carrying more per load.

It is safer because you tilt instead of lift.  (Reduces back injuries.)  Items can be braced in by posts so they don't fall off causing damage while moving. 

Low profile all caster design! What makes this floor dolly unique is the adjustable post system. Posts can be used vertically to carry a variety of items including mattresses, headboards, flat screen TV’s, furniture and more without the user having to balance the load. The post system can also be used horizontally to expand the carrying base up to 86 inches for carrying boxes, pallets, sofas, desk, filling cabinets or rugs. There are 14 vertical and 8 horizontal positions. Cart dimensions: 30″L x 25″W x 5.25″ H. 1000 lb. capacity.


  • Cart Body is one piece uni-body construction welded in 8 places
  • 4 industrial iron and poly casters
  • Six 56" steel powder coated posts