Scoop Dolly: Efficient Transportation of Cumbersome Objects

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Complex Load Handling Challenges The transportation of elongated, voluminous, and hefty objects such as door units, staircases, window units, panel saws, and prefabricated walls presents a unique set of challenges, particularly when attempting to load them onto a freight truck. The Scoop Dolly, an ingenious device, expertly addresses these concerns, simplifying the process of loading and unloading such unwieldy items. With the integration of an optional leverage handle, the Scoop Dolly becomes versatile enough to handle additional heavy objects such as bureaus and furniture measuring at least 3 ft. tall.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Mobility

The Scoop Dolly's distinctive design enables it to function akin to a hand truck on a dolly, setting it apart from conventional hand trucks. This feature allows for the effortless movement of lengthy objects in any direction. Once the load is securely positioned and tilted back, it remains stable on the Scoop Dolly without necessitating constant support from the operator. This allows the user to simply load, roll, and walk away, as the dolly bears the load's weight, not the operator.

Origins and Versatility

The Scoop Dolly was initially devised to transport 10 ft. long, 94 in. tall, and 500 lb. crated panel saws onto freight trucks. This task typically required a forklift operator and a "point" person to steady the load at the far end—a precarious balancing act. Recognizing the potential dangers associated with this process, the President of Saw Trax developed a design that has since been adapted for numerous other applications.

Adjustable Tilt Legs and Omni-Directional Casters

The Scoop Dolly is equipped with adjustable tilt legs, which enable the user to modify the angle of the load, ensuring the center of gravity remains safely positioned over the dolly. Furthermore, the dolly boasts omni-directional casters, allowing for seamless movement in any direction.

Pivoting Hand Truck and Support Leg Design

The apparatus features a pivoting hand truck-like mechanism that slides effortlessly under objects while the dolly remains flat on the floor. The object is then tilted back onto the dolly using the scoop. This design not only prevents casters from angling and causing internal bearing failure but also allows for the adjustment of the load's angle by altering the support legs' position.

Exceptional Load Handling Capabilities

The Scoop Dolly excels in moving large, unwieldy items that other dollies simply cannot manage. It is ideal for transporting fully-framed doors and windows, sizable appliances, kitchen and bathroom inserts, and pre-manufactured cabinet sections within manufacturing warehouses or distribution centers. Its low-profile, all-caster design ensures smooth gliding across floors.

Leverage Handles and Ramp Wheels

The inclusion of leverage handles allows the Scoop Dolly to accommodate broader objects such as heavy boxed furniture and appliances. With the addition of ramp wheels, the dolly effortlessly transitions onto or off freight trucks, traversing loading dock elevations with ease. This results in quicker, safer, and more cost-effective loading of tall, long, and heavy objects, eliminating the need for a forklift.

Available Options

Dock Transition Wheels

These wheels facilitate the dolly's movement on uneven surfaces, featuring four wheels on the sides of the dolly and an additional fifth wheel centered beneath the decking.

Brakes (Pair)

Ideal for stabilizing the dolly, the toggle clamp brakes slightly elevate the dolly, relieving the wheels of the load's weight.

Leverage Handle

This handle is particularly useful for thicker, deeper, or heavier loads, as it enables the user to harness their body weight to effortlessly maneuver the object. By stepping on the bottom lever and pulling on the top lever, the operator can apply leverage to move the load with minimal strain, ensuring enhanced safety and ease of use. The leverage handle is a valuable addition to the Scoop Dolly, expanding its capabilities to accommodate a broader range of objects and further simplifying the transportation process.


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