Freedom Saw

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Michelle DeLaughter, a Saw Trax spokesperson says "This new saw insert gives the user the "freedom" to cut any material without being limited by the saw dust issues of conventional panel saws."

It is a "floating" saw and works like a floating router.  The saw lowers down and rides on the material eliminating the gap between the saw plate and the top of the material, where the dust on a typical panel saw escapes.  It uses a 10 amp. Makita saw with a 4 3/8" blade for a  ¾" depth of cut.  A Delryn plate on the bottom of the saw plate is used to ensure your material isn't scratched. 

The Freedom insert uses 12 sealed bearings for a smooth movement. Combining those 12, with the 12 sealed bearings used on the Saw Trax carriage that give a smoother and more accurate cut, you have 24 total bearings working in unison.  
Since this is a saw insert, it can be purchased separately to upgrade an existing Saw Trax panel saw.   

***These are part of our recent purchase of Factory Seconds and Close Out Products from Saw Trax manufacturing.  We have two of these in stock and when they are gone, that's it!***