54" Platinum Safety Ruler & Cut Coaster

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2-in-1 SafetyRuler
Front: A safety ruler with anti-sliding pad underneath, and protection-bar for your hand
Back: Our SafetyRuler Platinum Edition has a built-in slide-bar which allows you to slide in the CutCoaster providing a straight cut with very little effort. The CutCoaster can be slid from one end of the Ruler to the other without falling out of the rails. This assures you an easy cut even through thicker panels. Can easily cut vinyls, coroplast, foam board and even score dibond enough to snap off a clean edge! Blades are double-sided for longer use, and simple to remove for replacement.


  • Qty (1) 54" Safety Ruler
  • Qty (1) Cut Coaster with replaceable blade

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