Coro Pins [Connectors] (Package of 20)

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Effortless Coroplast® Assembly with CoroFasten Connectors

CoroFasten Connectors, a box of 20 meticulously engineered fasteners, are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the flutes of Coroplast® sheets. These connectors enable the effortless attachment of multiple Coroplast® pieces, facilitating the creation of an array of signage and display configurations.

Innovative Loop Design for Convenient Suspension

The CoroFasten Connectors are equipped with an ingenious loop design on their upper surface, which simplifies the process of suspending signs crafted from Coroplast®. This feature ensures that the signs are not only easy to display but also aesthetically pleasing, demonstrating a well-thought-out design aspect.

Versatile Signage Configurations with Single Coroplast® Sheet

These connectors permit the creation of single-sided or double-sided signs utilizing just one Coroplast® sheet. This versatile feature allows for the production of diverse signage options, catering to a wide range of requirements and preferences without necessitating additional resources.

Multi-faceted, Free-standing Column Structures

CoroFasten Connectors facilitate the crafting of three or four-sided, free-standing columns by scoring the Coroplast® sheets appropriately. This technique enables the construction of visually captivating and structurally sound columns that can enhance the display of information or products.

Point of Purchase Displays and Portable Signage Solutions

The CoroFasten Connectors' design and functionality make them particularly suited for the construction of Point of Purchase (POP) displays. Additionally, they enable the development of free-standing and portable signs, further expanding their potential applications. These attributes make CoroFasten Connectors an invaluable asset for businesses and individuals seeking to create engaging and versatile signage solutions.

Availability and Packaging

CoroFasten Connectors are conveniently available in a package containing 20 units. This quantity ensures that users have a sufficient supply to execute a variety of signage and display projects, catering to their specific needs and requirements.